Artistic Concept

My work is inspired by animals and nature, the interaction between humans and other creatures, historical fine art, and science. The style is realistic in detail, surrealistic in general. 

The real world is incredibly rich, but still limited. The living varieties are a result of evolution by chance. Other selections would have produced a different world. Images can test other selections and show different worlds.

In the beginning of the world anything was possible. In the beginning of an image anything is possible again. Images can be a playground for changed realities. They try new free views on familiar subjects.

We are all creatures. Animals are our evolutionary past, our current relatives, and perhaps the future after man. Animals are also mirrors to reflect ourselves. They stand for human dreams of paradise lost, the secrets of life, freedom, and beauty. 


Usually I start with photographies of animals, people or landscapes to create new digital images by computer. Very often other techniques are added, such as painting (oil or acrylic), drawing, and edging (copper plate engraving), sometimes combined with citations of well-known classical art work. Depending on the subject I like to use different media: various types of paper, canvas, wood, aludibond or acrylic glass.